styling NATURE

Nature is boring!

So recently, I have been bombarded with back to nature SIGNALS on social media and TBH I'm sick and tired of it 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Like I can not imagine anything more lame and boring than going out and seeing the same OLD DIRTY COLOUR SCHEME of greens and browns… especially here in NYC- like SOOOO BORING. Also going by plane to see a beach or mountains super LAME!

You can see all the nice things on a screen, why waste time and effort going there? 

But anyways, since nature is quite shit at keeping up with the latest trends, fresh colours etc - Mother Earth FOR SURE needs some help by a fashion sensed human hand. #ANTROPOcineCHIC humans make it better!

So.. You’re welcome!! Here’s some advice on how to raise the CHICness levels if you’re surrounded by nature or animals of dirty colours :)

Simply GOORGEOUS!!!! All around PERFECTION. Also since Starbucks is so close, this is how NATURE should be displayed, my opinion.

The only way I could deal with #YOGASNIFFERS 🤩

The only acceptable picnic setup you should invite me to…..

Very into this PIMP my GOAT vibes!! I would also suggest a light rosé pink for her baby sis.

Love this fire hydrant !! can’t wait to see it splash !! 🎸

Wish this was real :((((((

I MEAN SIMPLY PERFECTION! the shape 10 out 10! Just wish it was a brighter colour.

very CHIC! I feel I should get this hair colour!


Āilā lliqāĀ.